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Pelleting Presses

A Convincing Technology

    For decades, our pelleting plants have been applied successfully for compacting organic products of different consistency. 

    Do you need constantly uniform, optimally compacted pellets? Our presses are able to produce pellets of 2 to 40 mm in diameter. The pelleting presses process also materials which are difficult to compact: 

    • Powdery, fibrous, lumpy and pasty substances
    • Substances with different particle sizes, moisture, and bulk density

    The product is formed into endless strands at a high throughput which are precisely cut by means of knives. With a roller speed of only 2.5 m/s an optimum deaeration of the product is achieved. The plants are extremely silent with a noise level of less than 70 dbA. 12 types of pelleting presses are available for different applications. 

    Flexible Easy to use Low maintenance

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