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Perfect Mixing

If you seek an optimum combination of the components of your products we have the ideal solution. Depending on your requirements, we offer different mixers which are individually adjusted to your production:

Continuous mixers are horizontal mixers equipped with high-speed agitator blades in robust design in which mealy, granular, fibrous or flaky carrier substances are mixed with liquids - without lumps. Several bulk product flows, liquids, and steam can be added simultaneously.The throughput time and the type of whirl formation can be influenced by the adjustment of the agitator blades. Thus the mixing effect can be adapted to the product.
Batch mixers of the construction series MAH and BWM are discontinuous mixers used for homogenising raw materials and the storage of non-freeflowing products. They can mix several solid matters (individual components) to a homogeneous mixture They are supplied as single-shaft or twin-shaft mixers.

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